Monday, July 27, 2009

The origins of some flowers.

Acer also known as maple: Acer is Latin for sharp. Romans used the tree to make arrows.

Aquilegia: From Latin aquila for eagle. So called because of its wing-shaped petals.

Buddleja: Named after the seventeeth-century english botanis Adam Buddle.

Campanula: From Latin campano for bell. Flowers are bell-shaped.

Forsythia: After the eighteeth-century Scottish gardener and writer William Forsyth.

Fuchsia: After the sixteeth-century German botanist and herbalist Leonard Fuchs.

Orchid: From the Greek orchis for testicle. Bulbs of many species are shaped like testicles.

Philodendron: From the Greek phileo for I love, and dendron for tree.

Phlox: From the Greek word for flame. Brightly colored flowers.

Raphanus or radish: From the Greek ra for quick, and phainoma for to appear. Fast-growing vegetable.

Sedum: From the Latin sedere, to sit. Low-lying plant.

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Simon Philip said...

Nice finds - it's amazing some of the history you can find on flower names. There's quite an exhaustive list here from Teleflora too.

Simon, Prestige Florist