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Make Your Own Hydrangea Wreaths

You can either purchase already dried hydrangea flowers from your local craft store, or you can dry your own. The biggest trick when drying your own is the timing of when you pick the flowers. It is best to pick them right before you anticipate your first fall frost. If you pick them mid-summer, they just will not dry correctly.

Dried hydrangea wreaths are so beautiful and versatile in a home, and a lot of fun to make as well.

You can either hang them upside down in a darkened room to dry, or you can set them in a vase upright, even adding a tiny bit of water in the bottom of the vase, although even that is optional. As long as they are picked at the correct time, it’s difficult to fail with them. It’s fun if you can, to pick several blooms from different bushes, as it will provide a nice variety of colors to the wreath. After they are dried, pick off any dead / discolored brown blooms.

Pick the type of base you want to use for a wreath. My personal favorites are either Styrofoam or grapevine type wreath bases. Take some floral wire and wrap it around the wreath, then form a loop of the wire to hang from the wall, and then wrap the wreath again. You might try hanging it from the wall at this point to make sure it lies correctly, and then make any needed adjustments while the wreath is bare.

To do a styrofoam wreath, use a low melt point hot glue gun. Separate each bloom into smaller florets. Hot glue each floret into the wreath base, actually poking the stem down into the Styrofoam base. With each bloom, space it out over the surface of the wreath, for example; a floret at the top, next left side, bottom, then right side, then inside the circle of the wreath, and outside of the wreath. Continue to do this with each bloom until you fill it.

Balance is what you are looking for. Balance in shape, you don’t want any sticking out way above the others, you don’t want one side of the wreath to be fuller than the other. Try stepping back and looking at a distance and just think “balance of shape”.

The second area to look for is balance of color. This is the purpose of doing each bloom all over, then filling in, so you achieve that balance of color. Give another once over to check on that.

Now, this wreath is either finished, or you can add perhaps add small sprigs of dried baby’s breath to it. Really depends on the look you want. Sometimes the simplicity of only the hydrangeas is stunning.

For a grapevine wreath, it’s the same principal but a different look. You can tie a bow on the wreath if you want (if you do, do so before adding flowers), or ribbon. I like to leave bare spaces on these to be able to see the grapevine portion as well. Again, look for balance. You can also add dried roses to it or any other type of dried flowers or grasses too. You can get really creative with these and come up with very different looks. Experiment to your heart’s content.

If they are in direct sunlight it will be a much shorter time. However, the next year, feel free to strip the old flowers off, and make another with the same base for another year’s worth of a gorgeous hand made wreath!

Many times people expect dried floral arrangements to last forever, and are disappointed when they start looking bad after a few years. This is a misconception. Expect them to look good for about a year, that’s really about all they were meant to last.


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Flowers and Romance

As romances bloom and fade, flowers have proven to be a staple key in the success of a couple's relationship. It is but ever present in all kinds of exchanges, whether it is pleasant or painful, flower bouquets can take lovers on an intensified adventure or be taken as a token of comfort when a relationship crumbles.

With every moments passed, every sweet memories exchanged and devoured, romance and flowers go hand in hand in time. The varying hue and scent of flower bouquets can only rival the changing and evolving moments of a couple in love. As it starts and blooms, as it grows and matures, and as it ebbs and fades into the unknown, flower bouquets can make it all sweeter and better than expected.

Love rush

Oh how sweet it is when two people find each other in a sea of strangers. The special lingering stares and their soon to be connected hearts are just one of the amazing and intimate occurrences when two people fall in love.

The jolt of the many firsts in a young couple's life is one but filled with pleasurable memories, and with every kisses shared, for every hand held, flowers are as ubiquitous. Starting out, a flower bouquet is an instant witness to the awkward first date. As flower bouquets are shyly present while two would-be lovers meet and fill the void with anecdotes and silly smiles, it's also the start of something new and exciting for two strangers caught between their hearts.

Celebrating a milestone

As years pass on, with every year spent together, it is but a natural token of love that a bouquet of flowers are shared upon the celebration of their time shared together. It might be a vivid bouquet of a dozen roses or a bundle of wild and exotic tulips, these flowers signify the unmeasurable joy and bliss that a couple experiences during these lovely moments.

Flower bouquets presented in a time of sweet celebration not only makes the time more notable, it also has a time and tested power to intensify and seal the joy of the occasion.

In passing and regret

In twisted and unfortunate circumstances, the serene and comforting presence of flowers is very much appreciated with every passing life and lost relationships. Flower bouquets might just be tangible and inanimate material things, but their sheer physical beauty, their natural splendor and their undeniable powers to persuade and positively alter a person's aura is quite remarkable.


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Flowers as Birthday Gifts

Year-Round Flower Gardener

How often have you struggled to find that perfect birthday gift only to end up buying something trivial and boring? It happens to the best of us and is particularly likely to occur if you are looking last minute for a gift. Flowers are the perfect way to go when you need something that is meaningful.

There are plenty of reasons to give flowers as a birthday gift. Here are just a few: Flowers are beautiful and can be chosen to fit the recipient. Even guys will enjoy receiving a more masculine potted flowering plant. You can always find flowers, even last minute. There are online florists who will allow you to order online for delivery in another state or even country. Flowers go with everything. You can pair a bouquet of flowers with a box of chocolates for a romantic gift, tickets to a soccer game for a sports fanatic, or with a stuffed animal as a cute gift for a child. Most people don`t think to give flowers as a birthday gift, so chances are, your present will be quite unique.

But just picking up the nearest bunch of flowers isn`t a good way to make your gift meaningful. You want to choose the right flowers for the occasion and this can take a little bit of time and research, though it`s still possible to do it last minute.

Things to Consider When Choosing Flowers

Preferred flowers: Do you know what the favorite flower of the recipient is? Rather than buying generic roses, you`ll find your gift is far more appreciated when you bring a bunch of gerber daisies . . . the birthday girl`s favorites!

Secret messages: Did you know that in Victorian times, flowers were used to send messages? Each flower has a specific meaning and together, they can be used to form a secret, one-of-a-kind message. For example, baby`s breathe means "festivity", gardenias mean "joy", and orange blossoms stand for "fertility". By combining select flowers and providing a key, you can give a very special birthday message.

Long-lasting: If you really aren`t sure which flowers to choose, consider going with longer lasting flowers like daisies, mums or carnations which will stay fresh and lovely for several days to a week. That way the recipient can enjoy them for a long time.

Accessories: There`s no reason to stop with just the flowers. To make your birthday gift truly special, present them in a way that will thrill the recipient. An example would be forget-me-nots in a teacup for someone who enjoys a tea party, a handpainted vase in their favorite colors with their favorite flowers inside, or perhaps a potted plant along with a trowel for planting it in the garden.

Gender: Women aren't the only ones who enjoy receiving flowers, but for men, you will have to be more selective. Obviously a bunch of roses won`t be the ideal birthday gift for a particularly macho man. Men might prefer something a little more masculine, like a flowering branch or a plant that has plenty of greenery. But don`t overlook flowers as a gift for a male friend . . . over 60% of men say they would like to receive flowers. Combine it with a bottle of celebratory champagne and you`ve got yourself the perfect birthday gift.

Flowers offer true value as a gift, particularly if you personalize them to fit the personality of the person you`ll be giving them to. Don't fret about flowers not being a suitable gift, they really are one of the best.

Lady Rebecca Purple Daylily

Lady Rebecca Staunton Purple Daylily

Lady Rebecca Staunton Purple Daylily

Lady Rebecca Staunton Purple Daylily

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How To Plant Fall Flower Bulbs

Fish Bowl Flower Coir Doormat

Most people would think of fall as a season when trees are changing colors and dying. For many, the autumn leaves are our last dance with color before the dark, gray winter sets in. It doesn�t have to be that way, though. Fall flowers can offer a splash of rebirth and color in a season otherwise known for falling leaves.
Bulbs are living plants and contain their own storage of food. They are quite self-sufficient and will strive to bloom, no matter when or where they are planted. Fall flower bulbs are planted in the spring or summer and flower in the early fall. Some examples are lilacs, colchicums, and saffron crocuses. The colchicums are extremely unusual in that they will bloom without being planted, though they do need soil to develop roots.
When selecting fall flower bulbs, you should look for bulbs that are firm and free of visible defects. If you desire large flowers, buy large bulbs. Small bulbs will produce smaller flowers.
Most fall flower bulbs cannot survive the winter. These have to be dug up each fall and stored until planting time. Bulbs should be stored in a cool, dry place. A dry basement is ideal. If you do not have a basement, a dark, unheated closet or utility room will also work.
For individual planting directions, use your package. Most bulbs grow best in well-drained, loose soil. Standing water or excessively moist soil will cause bulbs to rot. Do not plant bulbs at the bottom of a hill.
Bulbs should be planted six to eight inches in the soil. Cover and pack firmly. After planting, water your bulbs thoroughly. Water them occasionally, and they should bloom in early autumn.

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Warm A Party With Flowers

Blue Flower Garden Tool Set

Flowers make any occasion warmer and more enjoyable. They seem to project a caring, welcoming atmosphere. When you make your arrangement try clustering smaller flowers loosely by arranging them close to each other or you can actually bundle them together in your flower arrangements. Do you want to do an arrangement with dry, silk or fresh flowers?
The choice of flowers that are available with dry flowers is obviously much greater.

Maybe you are in a hurry and don't have time to make your own arrangement. Find a flower express shop near you. They are usually found in a most cities, many in major super stores. These shops are extremely helpful when you are trying to get flowers in a hurry.

Need an arrangement for your dining room table? Maybe you'd like to work with the colors in your dining room. Use them if you can find them in season, but fon't limit it to just those colors if they are not readily available. Flowers will not clash in any room. Choosing the colors for your flowers from your a dining room can just be a simple solution.

Are you interested in a new idea for a business? How about a gourmet candy flower arrangement business? You have to first need to make sure you have the skills to make the flower arrangements. You then intersperse the gourmet treats throughout the arrangement or package them beautifully as a side package. Great for new mothers, house warmings or any time you want to send a warm message.

Traditional arrangements are usually found in the form of flowers and presented as a comfort to a grieving family during a funeral. You can ask your florist to make a floral arrangement that fits the deceased's personality for example; if they enjoyed tulips then create an arrangement with different color tulips. A floral tribute might be sent directly to the funeral home where the services will be held, or to the family's home.

Dried floral arrangements are not very popular among all people, however there are people who enjoy dried flowers better than those that are alive as they are easily maintained.

There are many floral arrangements to choose from, not to mention many occasions that may match each one. Your silk flower arrangement starts with a select number of flowers with different textures which add variety to the arrangement. Your silk flower arrangement will need just a couple of items such as a container, floral adhesive, flora tape, florist foam, pliers, and wire cutters. These are easily found at any craft store.

Although assembling flowers into a floral arrangement can be a little difficult because not all flowers look well together. Take your time. Get someone else's opinion. Enjoy the process. Having real flowers in your floral arrangement is ideal, nonetheless do not expect the arrangement to last for more than a week.

Make sure you order your special flower selection including tropical and rare flower arrangements as early as possible to avoid missing out on getting the flowers in time. Make your own flower arrangements or check out the many places you can have them made for you besides the traditional grocery store flower shop. Always order at least 1-2 weeks in advance of any gathering to give your local florist plenty of time to gather the appropriate flowers for the arrangement.

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Red Velvet Daylily

Viette's Red Velvet Daylily

Viette's Red Velvet Daylily

Viette's Red Velvet Daylily

Yellow Daylily

Color Me Yellow Daylily

Color Me Yellow Daylily

Color Me Yellow Daylily

Pink Beauties bouquet

Pink Beauties Bouquet -

Pink Beauties Bouquet -

Treat someone extraordinary to the rejuvenating fragrance of these sweet smelling blooms.

Annual Flowers

Flowers are one of natures heralds of the seasons. The various flowers that bloom in the different seasons can inform us what season we are in. For instance flowers like the Poinsettia are known to bloom only during the winter season, more specifically during December.

Annual flowers on the other hand are wonderful flowers to plant in your gardens.You will find that many of these flowers are excellent choices for the garden as they can be grown in the different seasons. The best way to select the type of annual flowers that you want is to decide which flower varieties you want to see. You should buy the annual flowers that are appropriate for the required season otherwise your flower plant will rot even before you have a chance to plant it.

When you start selecting your annual flowers you can buy hardy annuals, half hardy annuals and tender annuals. These differences reflect the type of weather and soil conditions that these annual flowers will grow in. Hardy annuals are beautiful plants that will produce flowers even in the cold winter season. These annual flowers are planted during the spring season or fall season when the weather is not that cold. Unlike other annuals these hardy annual flowers do not like hot weather as they are not heat tolerant.The types of hardy annual flowers that you can buy include calendula, foxglove, viola, sweet alyssum, stocks, cornflowers, pansy, larkspur and the many varieties of dianthus cultivars. The half hardy annual flowers include torenia, snow-on-the-mountain, blue sage, strawflower, babys breath, candytuft, bells of Ireland, celoma, love-in-a-mist, and forget-me-nots. These half hardy annuals do not mind damp cold weather but they cannot live during the cold harsh months of winter. You will need to plant these annual flowers after the last spring frost. Unlike tender annuals these half hardy annuals have no need of warm soil conditions for the seeds to begin sprouting. While some flower species cannot tolerate lots of hot summer weather the half hardy annuals may sometimes droop for the weather but they will perk up in the later summer months. You can choose some tender annuals like scarlet sage, morning glory, petunias, begonias, celosia, balsam, nasturtium, and verbena.

These annuals as their name suggests are not comfortable in the cold winter months so the ideal time to grow them is three weeks after the last spring frost. Since these annual flowers grow well in warm climates you can expect to see them in all of their glory in the late spring and the warm months of summer. These are just a few of the many annual flowers that you can grow in your garden, and the riot of colors that they bring will absolutely make any garden look great.
You will also have the added benefit of flowers that grow in different seasons adding a burst of color right through the year.

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