Monday, October 27, 2008

Flowers and Romance

As romances bloom and fade, flowers have proven to be a staple key in the success of a couple's relationship. It is but ever present in all kinds of exchanges, whether it is pleasant or painful, flower bouquets can take lovers on an intensified adventure or be taken as a token of comfort when a relationship crumbles.

With every moments passed, every sweet memories exchanged and devoured, romance and flowers go hand in hand in time. The varying hue and scent of flower bouquets can only rival the changing and evolving moments of a couple in love. As it starts and blooms, as it grows and matures, and as it ebbs and fades into the unknown, flower bouquets can make it all sweeter and better than expected.

Love rush

Oh how sweet it is when two people find each other in a sea of strangers. The special lingering stares and their soon to be connected hearts are just one of the amazing and intimate occurrences when two people fall in love.

The jolt of the many firsts in a young couple's life is one but filled with pleasurable memories, and with every kisses shared, for every hand held, flowers are as ubiquitous. Starting out, a flower bouquet is an instant witness to the awkward first date. As flower bouquets are shyly present while two would-be lovers meet and fill the void with anecdotes and silly smiles, it's also the start of something new and exciting for two strangers caught between their hearts.

Celebrating a milestone

As years pass on, with every year spent together, it is but a natural token of love that a bouquet of flowers are shared upon the celebration of their time shared together. It might be a vivid bouquet of a dozen roses or a bundle of wild and exotic tulips, these flowers signify the unmeasurable joy and bliss that a couple experiences during these lovely moments.

Flower bouquets presented in a time of sweet celebration not only makes the time more notable, it also has a time and tested power to intensify and seal the joy of the occasion.

In passing and regret

In twisted and unfortunate circumstances, the serene and comforting presence of flowers is very much appreciated with every passing life and lost relationships. Flower bouquets might just be tangible and inanimate material things, but their sheer physical beauty, their natural splendor and their undeniable powers to persuade and positively alter a person's aura is quite remarkable.


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