Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Endangered flower species

What follows is a sampling of endangered plants recently collected by garden botanists:

Moraea neopavonia is a south African wildflower threatened by wheat farming.

Barringtonia butonica is a member of the Brazil nut family from Madagascar.

Blossoms of the Madagascar Symphonia nectarifera tree.

Iliamna remota found only in virginia Indiana.

Symbolanthus pulcherrimus, a member of the gentian family native to Central America.

Gloxinia dodsonii was discored in Ecuador by Cal Dodson.

Lindmania holstii was named for Bruce Holst, who found it on a mesa in Venezuela.

Minquartia guianensis is a tree used throughout the Amazon region because it resists rot. Medicine men use it's bark to fight intestinal parasites, bronchial disorders, and tuberculosis.

In any temperate forest, such as a grove of oaks and hickories in Missouri, you find numerous trees but only a few species.

Metasequoia, or dawn redwood, long thought extinct until a forester in the 1940s found some growing near a mountain village in China.

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