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The Philippines’ Favorite Flowers

In the Philippines, the month of May is about two things – feasts and flowers. All over the country, different places celebrate different kinds of festivals but one event is held everywhere – the Santacruzan procession which is held any time in May.
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This festival celebrates the Virgin Mary and young girls who are dressed in white cover the statues of the Virgin with flowers. The whole of the Philippines celebrates Flores de Mayo in honor of the Virgin Mary.

The Kadayawan festival of Davao is usually held on the third week of August. This is mainly a harvest celebration where people dance in merriment for a bountiful harvest of orchids, fruits and flowers. The parade of floats is the main event in the festival.

High in the Cordillera mountain ranges, another flower festival is also held during the start of February. It is a month long celebration for the blossoming of flowers and this festival is aptly named as Panagbenga, an Ilocano term.

Everywhere in the Philippines, the beauty of flowers is highly appreciated – and it’s no wonder why there are so many flower festivals in the country. In a place where hospitality reigns supreme, the atmosphere is of beauty and warmth. Here, sending someone flowers means a lot of things, and it will surely be gratefully received. But before you contact a florist to send flowers to your loved ones in the Philippines, take some time to know about the different favorites of Filipinos. Here are some of them:

1. Ylang Ylang got its name from the Tagalog term for “rare”. It is famous for its fragrant scent which remains unmatched up to this time. Its oils are now used for aromatherapy and are believed to relieve high blood pressure and can normalize sebum secretion for those who have skin problems. The ylang ylang tree is a native of the Philippines and is known to grow in slightly acidic soil. Its flowers are yellow green in color and are shaped like a star fish.

2. Sampaguita is a native of tropical Asia and is the Philippines’ native flower. It’s very petite and is usually made into garlands which are used to welcome dignitaries and honorary symbols. These garlands are sometimes sold in the streets of Manila to adorn vehicles. The flower also has medicinal value and is used as lactifuge, sedative, anaesthetic, and vulnerary.

3. Waling Waling is a rare orchid found in the island of Mindanao, particularly in the foothills of Mount Apo, the tallest mountain in the country. It blossoms seasonally for a two week period, most common during the months of July to December. It is regarded as the “Queen of Philippine Orchids” and is considered as the best orchid variety because of it stunning colors. Because of its captivating traits, it almost became extinct, but was prevented thanks to tissue culture.

4. Dama de Noche is famous for its unusual biorhythm which has become a subject for different myths and legends in the country. Its flowers bloom at night and emit a sweet scent. Unknown to many, Dama de Noche is a native of tropical America.

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